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Hi friends! Welcome to my website! I’m Claudia —

I was born in Cuba and moved to Chile when I was five years old. I spent most of my childhood in Chile, then my family & I came to the United States of America where I later started a family ❤️

I love fashion & beauty. I’m always extremely motivated & love to share with the world everything I know & enjoy doing. I started YouTube six years ago and decided to expand to other platforms, such as TikTok & Instagram.

I created this website to share with all of you the products I have reviewed, all my direct links, and a lot of interesting things in general. I hope that you enjoy my content and find helpful everything I share with you. I am always available on any of my listed platforms below (under the “Follow Me” section) in case you have any questions. It is always my pleasure to reply to your comments and help you the best I can. ?